The public is invited to attend the monthly meetings of the Commerce Board of Education held at the Board of Education Building at 217 Commerce Street. The regular meetings are held the second Monday of each month except in September and October when they are held the Tuesday after the second Monday at 6:30 p.m.

The primary function of the Board is to develop school policy and write statements of intent which guide the operation of the school program.

Board members are: Leslie Bissell, Emily Burkybile, Jamie Johnston, Herb Logan, and Adam Bruton.


We believe in excellence in education for each student as best suits his/her needs, capabilities, and aspirations. Opportunity for learning is basic to our democratic heritage, and becomes an individual right to be nurtured, protected, and advanced through public education.

We commit ourselves to timely curricular and extra-curricular selections which stress academic disciplines, vocational development, aesthetic appreciation, physical development, moral objectives, social efficiency, and productive citizenship.

We recognize and encourage community interests, needs, and organizations which influence and complement educational purposes.

We stress the critical need to learn how to learn in a complex society while retaining the traditional values and a respect for proper authority.

We believe in the individual worth of each student and in his future as a functioning citizen in today's society.


Public Notice of Regular Meetings for 2021

Public Notice of Regular Meetings for 2022