Tornado Shelter Sign

Dear Commerce Public School Residents,

The Commerce Public School Storm Shelters “WILL” be opened in the event of an imminent threat, such as an issued call to shelter under a tornado/severe storm warning.

While utilizing our shelters, existing CDC protocol for the COVID-19 pandemic should be exercised to the greatest extent possible – i.e., family units should maintain distance from others.  Please take as many precautions as possible to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 as best as you can, including Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations to wear a cloth face covering and maintain social distancing.

Commerce Board of Education

The Commerce Board of Education will make the school owned storm shelter available for public use during times of bad weather.

No pets, of any kind, shall be allowed in the shelter. Patrons bringing animals to the shelter will not be allowed to enter the shelter. Service animals will be allowed into the shelter for those individuals that have a disability protected under the American with Disabilities Act that require the use of a service animal for a protected disability.

Patrons are encouraged to be weather wise and not to travel to the storm shelter if imminent danger exists.